The BRQ Series Briquetting Presses

In India the cost coal is very high and the quality is very low. This problem has led people to seek alternative types of energy.

Briquettes have several advantages over coal and other fuels

  • It gives a much higher boiler Efficiency compared to firewood or loose biomass because of low moisture, higher bulk density and lower ash content.
  • There is no fly ash when briquettes are burnt.
  • Combustion is more uniform compared to coal and boiler response to changes in steam requirement is faster due to higher quantity of volatile matter in briquettes.
  • Itdoesn’temitSulfurlikecoal.
  • It is a carbon neutral renewable fuel.
  • It has aconsistent quality,and it is clean and easy to handle.

JAY KHODIYAR has developed technology for briquetting any type of biomass. So far, we have briquetted the following materials :

  • Saw Dust
  • Sander and Bamboo Dust
  • Mustard Stalk
  • CottonStalk
  • CoffeeHusk
  • RiceHusk
  • Peanut Shell
  • SugarCanePulp
  • Maize Straw
  • Pine Needles

The briquetting press a crank type mechanical press with two flywheels. One flywheel is driven by the main motor through a continuous flat belt. Forced lubrication oil circulating system guarantees a long service life. Ground material is fed through a hopper by meansofaverticalscrewwithit’sown gearbox and motor. The vertical screw forces the material downwards into the feeding chamber. From the feeding chamber, the material is forced by the ram through a tapered die system onto the cooling line in the form of briquettes. The cooling line conducts the material to the storage area. The entire operation is controlled from the electrical control panel

Briquetting Press Features

  • Stress relieved and precision bored body.
  • Hardened alloy steel crankshaft and crosshead.
  • Forced lubrication.
  • Automatic stoppage of press on low oil pressure.
  • Tight geometric tolerances and longer life for moving components and Bearings.
  • Smaller clearance between wear ring and the ram tip, for longer life of Wear tools.
  • Water cooling of head stock for round the clock operation.
  • Effective separation of oil and dust areas.
  • Easier die holder mounting and clearing of clogged die holder.
  • Balanced crankshaft assembly.
Model Size PL500 PL600 PL750 PL1000 PL1000
BRT diameter (mm) 40-42 50-52 60-62 70-72 90-92 90-92
Stroke length (mm) 10-100 12-150 15-180 18-200 18-200 18-200
Rated production (tons/hr) 250 Kg 500 Kg 750 Kg 850 Kg 1000 Kg 1500-2.0 Kg
Power (hp) 16 33 45 55 64 88.5