Chaff Cutter

Chaff Cutter is one of the important part of bio-mass briquetting machines where raw material fed into the plant exceeds 25mm in size and that requires threshing/cutting into required acceptable size by the machines. Normally, raw material in the form of cotton stock and tree bark needs to be threshed into required size for better processing. Our wide range of chaff cutters are capable to handle threshing of raw material of varying in size and form powered by 5HP to 30HP of power. Manufactured under stringent quality checks, control and thorough inspection, backed by cutting age technology, our cutters are designed to deliver the performance of highest order. Handling wide ranging raw material for threshing, these cutters are proven best when it handles raw materials like wheat, jwahar, bajara, soybean, sunflower, peas, oil seeds, cotton husk, tree barks and many other raw materials.


  • J.K. CUTTERS are manufactured using latest design and technology.
  • It has attachment compatibility with tractor of every specification.
  • It comes fitted with platform and tire system
  • Transmission of power through P.T.O. attachment.
  • Reverse gear system for safety.
  • Conveyor system for self feeding.
  • Capacity of up to 1ooo kg/hr. with capability to thresh wet crop
  • All parts of the thresher are easily detachable for any replacement.