Jumbo-brq 9050 Model

The most outstanding and flagship products from our products portfolio have been JUMBO-BRQ 9050 MODEL armed with cutting technology and engineered to deliver maximum output. Certain innovations made in its design and production make it exceptionally cost effective and technically superior.


  Production Capicity : 1100-1200 kg.hr.
Finished Product Size : 90mm diameter
Finished Product Shape : Cylindrical
Raw Material Form : Powdery
Process cost/MT (Approx.) : IRS.300/-

Features of Jumbo-brq 9050 Model

  • Maximum production capacity.
  • Heavy structure with Standard design.
  • Raw material acceptability up to 20mm size. (does not require powdery form of raw material)
  • Easier operating system.
  • Delivers finished products high-density with 90mm diameter.
  • Cost effective by giving Lowest production cost per MT.
  • Lower energy consumption and to direct feeding of raw material without hammer mill.
  • Lower maintenance cost.
  • No loss of production and air pollution due to direct feeding system.