Jumbo-brq 9075 Model

The most outstanding and flagship products from our products portfolio have been JUMBO-90 MODEL armed with cutting technology and engineered to deliver maximum output. Certain innovations made in its design and production make it exceptionally cost effective and technically superior.


  Production Capicity : 1200-1500 kg.hr.
Finished Product Size : 90mm diameter
Finished Product Shape : Cylindrical
Raw Material Form : Accepts all type of agro waste raw material up To 25mm size max.
Process cost/MT (Approx.) : IRS.500/-

Features of Jumbo-brq 9075 Model

  • Maximum production capacity.
  • Heavy structure with Standard design.
  • Raw material acceptability up to 25mm size. (does not require powdery form of raw material).
  • Easier operating system.
  • Delivers finished products high-density with 90mm diameter.
  • Cost effective by giving Lowest production cost per MT.
  • Lower energy consumption and to direct feeding of raw material without hammer mill.
  • Lower maintenance cost.
  • No loss of production and air pollution due to direct feeding system.
  • Special Sensor system installed to indicate temperature of the machine.
  • Siren system indicates any major or minor problem in the machine.