Pellet Mill

The BRQ Series Briquetting Presses

The briquetting press a crank type mechanical press with two flywheels. One flywheel is driven by the main motor through a continuous flat belt. Forced lubrication oil circulating system guarantees a long service life. Ground material is fed through a hopper by meansofaverticalscrewwithit’sown gearbox and motor. The vertical screw forces the material downwards into the feeding chamber.

Biomass Pelleting

Studies in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and India have proven densified Fuel as an energy source for the textile, Pharmaceutical, leather, and chemical Industries, as well as brick kiln, tea, dye And rubber factories. Our market research is currently leading Us to the ethanol industry, lumber mills, Breweries, municipalities, universities, Livestock industries and forest waste.

PL Series Pelleting Mills

Our patented pellet mill is specially proven For biomass residues. The cellulosic lignin Acts as a binder under heat and moisture To form a dense pellet.