PL Series Pelleting Mills

Patented Technology

Our patented pellet mill is specially proven For biomass residues. The cellulosic lignin Acts as a binder under heat and moisture To form a dense pellet.

Equipment for Pellet Plant

  • Pellet Mill
  • Primary Crusher
  • Hammer Mill Grinder
  • Air Density Separator
  • Rotary Trammel
  • Slat Conveyor
  • Disc Screen
  • Giant Airlock
  • Conditioning Screw
  • Pellet Cooler Conveyor


Our pellet mill has large heavy rollers above A fixed flat die placed horizontally. This Machine utilizes brute force and gravity to Produce pellets.


Material conditioned by steam is fed to The die below the rollers. Rollers rotating Over the die force the feed through holes Forming pellets which are cut or broken Into shorter pieces by the knife. Pellets are Discharged from the pellet mill to the pellet


Our pellet mill consists of high quality Components. Its worm and worm wheel Are of Radicon make, the thrust bearing is Of ample design and the fixed flat die gives Stability to the machine. The roller assembly Parts are easily interchangeable. We have installed over 300 machines World wide; we bring over 18 years of R&D On how to density various types of biomass And produce fuel.

Cooler conveyor

Model Size PL500 PL600 PL750 PL1000
Die Diameter mm 500 600 750 1000
Roller Diameter mm 230 280 350 450
Roller Width mm 76 102 130 450
No. of Rollers 2 2 4 4
Power HP 25 40 75 150
Processed Tons 5 1 2.5 5